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The creative industries form a hugely significant part of the UK economy and will have a major role to play in our efforts to establish a more financially stable future. These industries are built around the talent and hard work of creative individuals and I am therefore delighted to be involved with this group at such an important time for creators.

The digital environment presents both opportunities and challenges for writers and there are many questions ahead concerning how best the new technology can be harnessed to achieve a balance between access and fair reward. Debates over copyright will no doubt continue in the coming years and I look forward to working with members of the All Party Writers Group to ensure that the writer’s voice is heard in these important discussions at the appropriate level.

Pete Wishart MP
Chair of the APWG


December 2016

The All Party Writers Group winter reception was held on the Terrace at the House of Commons on the 6th December 2016. The reception included the presentation of the Educational Writers' Award and the inaugural Ruth Rendell Award for services to literacy.

Pete Wishart MP, Chair of the Group announced the winner of the Educational Writers Award, "This is Not a Maths Book: A Smart Art Activity Book", written by Anna Weltman, and illustrated by Edward Cheverton and Ivan Hissey. Andy McNab received the Ruth Rendell Award for services to literacy.

October 2016

Society of Authors: EU Study on Remuneration finds authors' earnings are around £12,500 and recommends fairer contracts

September 2016

ALCS' response to the European Commission's draft legislation regarding a Digital Single Market can be found here.

ALCS and SoA's response to The Digital Economy Bill regarding E-lending can be found here.

March 2016

ALCS’ briefing note on the need for the loans from volunteer libraries to be included in the PLR sampling scheme can be found here

February 2016

ALCS’ response to the EC’s Communication: Towards a Modern, More European Copyright Framework can be found here

ALCS’ briefing note regarding Copyright Exceptions for Educational Use can be found here

January 2016

The Society of Authors open letter to publishers asking for Fair Contracts for authors can be found here

The International Authors Forum have developed 10 Principles for Fair Contracts which can be found here

December 2015

The EC has produced a Communication:  Towards a Modern, More European Copyright Framework